Ryan Residence


Dingmans Ferry, PA


2,800 sqft






A dense canopy of old growth pine trees shade the 7.5-acre house site located in the Northeastern corner of Pennsylvania. Sloping to the South and West, a carpet of reddish-brown pine needles falls off to a bubbling mountain stream.


The two main volumes of the house roughly separate the public and private spaces. The first volume, a simple shed roof, includes the garage, foyer, baths, and master bedroom along the north side of the site. The second volume, a gabled and shed combination, is an L-shape in plan creating a large public interior space including the kitchen, dinging, and living room. The high ceilings and generous windows of this room open to the light and views of the forest. Finish materials include cedar siding, wood windows, stone and wood flooring, and a metal roof.
The composition of forms explores the unique ability of the shed roof to be both primitive and modern and is perhaps analogous to the mountain landscape. The organic spatial matrix and the use of materials establish a direct connection with the environment and creates continuity between the rooms of nature and the rooms of shelter.

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