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  • A regular process of inspection, cleaning and minor repairs of building elements and exterior systems. Cleaning removes dirt, impurities, or extraneous matter as required on a regular basis, such as removing leaves from gutters and drains in the fall or cleaning lint from dryer vents. Minor(...)
  • A thin pliable or flexible sheet forming A thin pliable or flexible sheet forming a lining, covering, or layer.a lining, covering, or layer.
  • A substance resembling matted wool and made from inorganic mineral material, used chiefly for packing or insulation. Source:
  • A type of fungus that is different from plants, animals and bacteria. Molds are decomposers of dead organic material such as leaves, wood and plants. Molds sometimes can infect living plants and animals. The spores and hair-like bodies of individual mold colonies are too small for us to see(...)
  • Also known as heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or comfort ventilation. A whole-house ventilation system that takes out heat from the old (exhaust) air and gives it to the new (intake) air. Fresh air is delivered to living areas (e.g. living room and bedrooms) and extracted from kitchens and(...)