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These Prefab Passive Houses Can Reduce Energy Use by 90 Percent

An architecture firm and a construction firm team up to provide affordable eco-friendly pre-made homes. It seems like everywhere you look these days you see homes covered with solar panels….

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Prefab home offers energy efficiency

Fruit of partnership between architect, manufacturer When Elizabeth Scott ordered her new energy-efficient home, a factory in Searsmont, Maine, went to work. The house arrived in pieces on four trucks…

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Ecocor | Prefabricated Passive House | Searsmont, Maine

Ecocor is a construction firm that designs, manufactures, delivers and assembles high performance buildings throughout North America. Ecocor’s patent pending foundation and wall designs reduce energy consumption for heating and…

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Passive House Panelizer Pushes the Tech Envelope

When JLC first encountered Passive House builder Chris Corson of Belfast, Maine, back in 2011, Corson was working on his first Passive House, and his most advanced piece of equipment…

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Ecocor Team Finishes Assembly of First-of-its-Kind Prefabricated Passive House Designed by Richard Pedranti Architect (RPA)

Prefab Passive House manufactured in advanced fabrication facility using state-of-the-art machines is assembled on site in less than one week. Ecocor, a construction firm that manufactures, delivers and assembles Passive…

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Prefab Passive House Partnership Hits a Milestone

A house is assembled in New York from panels manufactured in Maine, while Phoenix Haus in Detroit moves into high gear A crane lowers a prefabricated wall section into place…

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How Passive Houses Yield Aggressive Savings

Living in a home that’s wrapped in layers saves energy and money. And it makes your home more comfortable and your indoor air healthier to boot. How do you keep…

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Ecocor is Transforming the World of Prefab Homes

The average cost per square foot of a SOLSKEN model home is $237. For architect Richard Pedranti, AIA, CPHC, CPHB, HERS, PHIUS +, LEED, the fact that green building hasn’t…

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The First Prefabricated Passive House Designed by RPA Hits the Ecocor Production Line

A Legacy of Energy Efficient Living Helped Homeowner Elizabeth Scott Choose RPA|Ecocor’s Solsken Line of Model Passive Houses SEARSMONT, ME AND MILFORD, PA Ecocor, a construction firm that manufactures, delivers…