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  • A layer of flexible insulation typically installed under roof tiles when a home is being constructed.  It consists of aluminum foil laminated onto paper or plastic backing with a flame retardant adhesive and fiberglass reinforcing mesh, and is manufactured in sheet form. Sarking performs a(...)
  • The outer layer of cladding of a rainscreen wall system. "Rainscreen walls consist of the outer layer of cladding (the rainscreen), an air cavity, and a drainage plane on a rigid, water-resistant, and airtight support wall. Simple rainscreen walls, such as brick cavity walls and furred-out(...)
  • A flexible, polymer-based elastomeric material that is used in the assembly of the building enclosure to seal gaps, seams, or joints, making them waterproof or airtight (as part of the air or water control layers) or to provide a clean finish. Sealants are typically applied wet and may be(...)
  • The heat (energy) exchanged that affects only the temperature. Compares to latent heat which is the heat (energy) that is not observable as a change in temperature. Examples include vapor condensing from air or ice melting into water. In both cases, the material stays the same temp until the(...)
  • A material used to provide structural stiffness to the wall framing and to provide structural backing for the cladding and sheathing paper. Typical materials are OSB (oriented strand board), plywood, or various forms of gypsum board. Source: Info-500: Building Materials Property Table;(...)
  • Site energy represents the total nonrenewable energy consumed by a building measured on site.
  • Source energy represents the total amount of raw fuel that is required to operate the building. It incorporates all transmission, delivery, and production losses.
  • Wood fiber insulation. More information
  • An exterior cladding formed in place on the wall and made of inorganically bonded sand and small aggregate. Typically Portland cement-based, but with additives of lime, surfactants, water repellents, etc. Source: BSI-029: Stucco Woes—The Perfect Storm; BSI-013: Face Lift for Old Buildings
  • A resource, energy or material which can be extracted and used in a manner which is viable over an indefinite period. Compare with finite resources like petroleum. Source: Energy Audit Blog