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  • Defined by Dr P. Ole Fanger as "the condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment."  Dr Fanger identified thermal comfort as being determined by: air temperature, 'radiant' temperatures (the temperatures of walls, floor and ceiling), air movement (draughts),(...)
  • The component or components that are designed and installed in an assembly to control the transfer of thermal energy (heat). Typically these are comprised of insulation products, radiant barriers, or trapped gaps filled with air or other gases. Source: BSI-024: Vocabulary; BSI-001: The(...)
  • The area of floors, walls, windows and roof or ceiling that contains the building's internal warm / heated volume. Source: The Passivhaus Handbook
  • An intentional opening used to relieve HVAC supply pressure, preventing unintentional pressurization or depressurization of spaces. Source: Info-604: Transfer Ducts and Grilles; RR-0006: Discussion of the Use of Transfer Grilles to Facilitate Return Air Flow in Central Return Systems