Syracuse Residence

Milford, PA
3,200 sqft

“We had many objectives for our home. We loved the sunlight and wide-open space feeling of our hilltop property in Pike County and wanted a house that would capture both the light and that same feeling on the inside. We wanted a home that looked like a farmhouse that had been in place for a century, without the challenges of renovating an old house. We wanted a house that was right sized for the two of us and our life in the country, not oversized. In addition, we wanted a house that sat gracefully among the fields and the forest on our hill. Richard's artful design and siting accomplished all of these objectives for us.”

Maleyne Syracuse, homeowner

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The 70-acre site includes unspoiled forests, old abandoned farm fields, a pond, and extensive garden rooms. The goal was to create a classic Pennsylvania farmhouse that was easy to maintain with space for fine craft collections and the hobbies of the owners, who also entertain frequently.


The new house sits on the site of the original farmhouse, with views to open fields, porches, outdoor rooms, gardens, a substantial stone fireplace, sculpture, and spaces for entertaining. The living room has a double height space ensuring abundant natural light throughout the first floor. The homes three levels provide separation between uses including entertaining and living space on the first floor, bedrooms on the second floor, and weaving studio and exercise room on the top floor. A large wrap around porch provides areas for quiet reading, enjoying the garden, and viewing the sun setting across the adjacent valley.