Wylie Woods Passive House


Damascus, PA


2,200 sqft







“We sought a modern, energy efficient retreat home that we could enjoy year round. Our attraction was the unique remote setting but we now also have a stunning piece of architecture utilizing today’s most advanced building technology.”


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The Wylie Woods Passive House is Wayne County, Pennsylvania’s first home designed to meet the Passive House standard. Two hours from Manhattan in the wild and unspoiled landscape of the Upper Delaware River Valley, the large wooded site slopes down from a gravel county road to the banks of the Upper Delaware National Wild and Scenic River.


The simple elongated form of the Wylie Woods Passive House follows the Delaware River to capture panoramic views through the surrounding forest. The project is separated into two distinct elements connected by an outdoor courtyard that serves as the home’s entry space. The main house includes a master suite and an open living, dining, and kitchen space on the first floor with views to the southwest through corner windows. The second floor has a loft overlooking the living space with two bedrooms. The second project component is a garage and “man cave” opening onto the courtyard for entertaining guests.

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