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Video: Save Homeowner Thousands

“The only sensible thing to do in the 21st century is to build a house that uses the least amount of energy possible,” explains owner Delcan Mulhall. Watch Channel 16 WNEP coverage now.     VIEW PROJECT PAGE Scranton Passive House 

Richard Pedranti

U of S Profs’ ‘Passive House’ will Slice Energy Bills

Their house might be passive, but it took an active interest in efficient, environmentally friendly living to begin making it a reality. The lot at the corner of Pine Street and Wheeler Avenue in the city’s Hill Section sat empty. University of Scranton physics professor Declan Mulhall, Ph.D., often noticed it as he walked by. He and his wife, Scranton psychology professor Christie Karpiak, Ph.D., both 44, decided to buy it. Then they approached Milford-based architect Richard Pedranti to build…